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Flash games

January 30, 2010

Flash games began to grow very strongly in recent years, especially because they have major advantages surfer, the most prominent first advantage is no need to download the game to the computer at all, all you have to be installed on your computer is updated Flash software and you can play games flash browser.
The game is loaded into the browser once you enter the main page and you play it straight without a long wait to download a game or register and so on. Their advantage is that the slight weight of flash games and graphics of the games aimed Falsch Although beautiful but often not realistic and not three – dimensional painted flash heavy but very simple and contains heavy pictures.
In light of the slight weight of the flash games you can load them with a browser and play them directly on the site and download them to your computer, the advantage of flash games where you do not download the games to the computer is very simple, if you work (or, if you’re just playing a lot of games and you do not want to get stuck with 300 flash games on the computer or find yourself erasing games left and right.
Another advantage is that flash games every computer Iokol run them, not demanding and most computer games flash decade Can run these games. Crowd of players that these games very, very wide and not so limited. Perhaps limited only gamers because gamers we have built graphic lovers crazy action etc. can not be satisfied with the simplest games are Flash Web sites.
Favorite non-advantage last so I was going to mention here the article is that you can play flash games from anywhere, work, home – school, friends, library wherever there is a browser, an updated Web Flash installed you can play any Flash game! So you can move and burn boring hours pass the time.
So if you have several hours of boredom and fell Some of you lucky any computer with Web browser to the pool games you refuse the giant standing before you flash across the web and waiting for you find it. There are many sites that contain a large pool of playing one of the sites is common OrGames-  online games


Maple story

January 29, 2010

Maple Story is a role playing multiplayer computer graphics with a two – dimensional, the same games on the Internet. The game was developed by Southern Company – Korean Wizet, and then bought by American company Nexon. The game was developed local versions in several languages. Participation in the game does not cost money, but can be purchased with real money-related objects or objects at the image make it easy to defeat enemies or increase the compensation received after defeating an enemy. The game has more than 92 million registered players in Grsaotio, the global version has more than five million players. The objective is to protect the “maple world” because different monsters while developing the capabilities and skills of the virtual image of the player to stop the black magician alleged bad game. The player can make money playing for mesos, achieve things, to talk with other players and trade items. Can create a group of players (up to 6 players) fighting together against monsters, group members share the experience points and money they get. The game has given tasks and implement them in order to achieve experience points, money and objects.

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 Also, there are special tasks that are designed for groups only, which, members are required to cooperate in order to finish the task steps successfully. These tasks are called Party Quest (PQ). Game no real end goal, but the greatest glory is to reach level 200 (highest) with each type of job, finish the task, obtain all the objects and accumulate the money game.

Action games

January 20, 2010

Action games game that focuses on various types of reactions that require great speed and skill player in turn. Action is sometimes called shooting games or fighting games, of course, depends on the specific nature of the game. Since most video games contain some element of warfare, should be accurate to note that the action game can contain a detailed plot, characters and dialogues with other elements of its kind, as long as his game is based on control and skill of the player himself various battles. 

Excerpt from the action game Half-Life Sugat action games developed with the progress of the graphic computer games, relatively late in other genres (adventure games, sports her old roles several times). Typically, game action relies on a detailed graphical display to allow the player to assimilate into the game world and respond instinctively to attack him, instead of responding in a more measured calculated (as is customary, for example strategy games or role). These games can include combat cold weapons or firing, and martial arts. Have limited significance, if any, figure representing the player in the game, unlike games such roles, a player will move fast and agile player steps in a slow user will not succeed.

Action usually divided into stages. Each step could be the narrative element, but can also be lonely battle tournament battles – to – death. Player’s skill allows him to switch phases. Each stage usually presents more difficult challenges and enemies from the previous, in order to maintain maximum vigilance player and raise the physical level required of him.

Action can be divided into sub – many genres. Prominent among them are shooting games (the shooters), which typically feature character-based fighting games martial arts usually are not narrative. Here we will elaborate on the shooting games, since they constitute the most modern action games on the PC. It is customary to divide the game shooting two sub – categories, according to a viewpoint overlooking the player about events: the first person in the third person.

First-person shooting games (FPS-First Person Shooter) games which are looking at a player on the world’s eyes it is a game character. These games range goals, but usually include firing multiple munitions destruction of many enemies as possible.

Examples of first-person shooting games: Crysis, Half-Life, Far Cry, Call of Duty, America’s Army,  2D ShooutOut.

Third person shooting games (TPS – Third Person Shooter) games of action which are not watching the player character’s eyes, but looked like he was looking out her back on top. This difference in outlook of the player allows the player a wider view of surroundings and allows him to respond to attacks that come from several different directions and gives the player a variety of tasks according to the classification game.
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Examples of third-person shooting games: GTA 4, Splinter Cell, Max Payne and above.
Enemies are slaughtered action games have become in the nineties and early millennium media sensitive subject, often games like the world depicted – a realist, such as Hitman or GTA were forced to absorb criticism that the public sector presented as the enemy has to kill him. For example, phase 2 took place be buried Sikh temple hard criticism that forced the players to kill the worshipers there. Natural response to this criticism, the genre away from enemies contemporary action games and fighting monsters called imaginary enemies, the Nazis during World War II zombies that seemed acceptable to everyone that kill them. Among the games described the recent enemies include Resident Evil series of games, Left 4 Dead and Dead Rising.

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January 20, 2010

Spiderman is the best-known work of Stan Lee, with the success of the Fantastic Four comic book hero sought on a new idea. I noted that the biggest inspiration for creating this character was a hero of magazines Hfalf “spider” was indeed a warrior of justice, but he had no powers. In addition, the idea came to him, inspired by a fly climbing the window, I decided to call a character “Spider-Man – spider man” because he believed that the name would hear threatening. One of the important things in his eyes I had to renew every character / story he creates. Spider-Man’s story is actually being a novelty ordinary guy, with difficulties in everyday work and in society. Publisher of comic books at the time, Martin Goodman, rejected the idea saying that no one would be interested in reading a story titled it “spider man”, but agreed to try the latest hero running sheet “Amazing Fantasy”, fifteen in number, came out in August 1962. Indeed, Spider-Man first appeared in this issue, causing uplift in sales brochure. Following the success Marvel has decided to launch the plots Spiderman separate booklet, “The Amazing Spider-Man # 1”.

Peter Parker was born to Richard and Mary Parker, CIA agents recruited agency SHIELD (Marvel universe fictional agency that handles matters on – natural). The last mission was to infiltrate into double agents Albert Malik’s organization, taking the identity villain Red Skull in the absence of the original. Malik revealed their plan, and initiated an emergency plan whose results led to the deaths of the couple Parker.

After the death of his parents, Parker baby was sent to his uncles, Mae and Ben Parker, who lived in the neighborhood in Queens in New York. While Peter was loved by the elderly couple, he was popular among his peers has grown with time to be lonely and shy boy. As a teenager exceptionally smart, Peter was interested in his studies and science studies in particular, than any kind of social activity. Among hobbies were photography and his home chemistry kit. He often served as an object of ridicule students accepted from him, including Flash Thompson, the outstanding athlete of the school, Slatid be the biggest fan of Spiderman and a good friend of Peter.

One of these days, when Peter was present at the science exhibition, is bitten by a radioactive spider. This bite gave Peter the power, speed and agility, as well as the perception – sensory ability to crawl on walls as a spider. In addition to physical forces, Peter uses his mind genius to create a variety of patents that allow him to shoot “cobwebs” sticky wrist.

Then, Peter designed his costume and adopted the identity of Spider-Man to make money entertainer. His debut was a professional wrestler, Peter acquired an agent and began to make many profitable television appearances. One night after a show, Spider-Man would help stop a thief, because he preferred to let the police take care of him than he himself. Later beloved uncle Ben was killed by the same criminal. When he realized he had a chance to prevent the murder of his uncle, Spider-Man began to devote his life to fighting on the island justice, Cshmahoriu is his uncle’s motto – “With great power comes great responsibility”.

With the death of a son, Parker and his aunt are desperate to find a livelihood. Parker gets a job as a photographer for The Daily Bugela “Spider-Man pictures and sells the newspaper editor J. Jonah Jameson, who ironically is a fan of Spider-Man, trying to discredit him in every possible way. Spider-Man tries every time to do the right thing, but was caught as a criminal suspect to many factors, including Jameson. He received the university, where he meets his best friend Harry Osborn Gwen Stacy His stripes first. Later, his cousin introduced him to Mary Jane Watson.

Although he has power – on, Peter can not help you solve personal problems. Instead, forces continually complicate relationships, his studies, his work in the Daily Bugela “and recently a high school teacher. His relationship with Aunt May, his associates and his best work always hurt his secret life as a hero – on. First girlfriend, Gwen Stacy, was killed by the Green Goblin, Harry’s father discovered Osborne, his best friend. Although these conditions have driven him into a corner and caused him many difficulties, he always continued to be Spiderman because of those words that told him his uncle Ben when he was young – words that became part of his faith. This lesson continues to serve as a focus for important stories of Spider-Man.

Spider-Man gained a respectable number of enemies over the years, special interest Cslrovm would harm the hero, and some even marked as a goal the Peter Parker himself. Between familiar enemies include Green Goblin, Dr. Octopus, Lizard, Sandman (Sandmn), Venom, Craven hunter, mister-mail. Amazing capabilities, combined with his natural intelligence and his tendency to science, enabled him to win even against the odds are very slight in many cases. However, Spider-Man over the years gained allies, including ex – Man, Fantastic Four Daredevil.

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