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London 2012

January 25, 2011

London 2012 Olympics

Olympics London 2012 XXX Olympiad was officially appointed and held in Stratford in the heart of London during the last weeks of July with the first week of August 2012. London won the bid over the other hosting providers, such as Paris and New York. This is the third hosting appearance in London. Those intending to stay for the boom of the public wants this season to keep a few items in mind.

London is one of the largest housing markets in the world, and already have problems in accommodating all the visitors they receive each year. Stratford, the site proposed in games is a very economically depressed area, and as such, hotels, shopping centers and other facilities under construction to help strengthen the shaky economy and prepare for the next influx of visitors. ticket availability is not widespread, so ticket prices can be very high.

The price of travel in London and has always been fairly high, but the addition of the Summer Games would it do even more. Due to the popularity of London with tourists, will file an appeal. In addition, the redesign of Heathrow airport planned to address the overcrowding, but it was announced that the renovations will not be completed in good time in London in 2012.

For these Games, athletes compete in thirty-five sports of archery, swimming and wrestling. Unfortunately, softball has been wiped off the map.

And ‘better known, this will create jobs for more than 3000 people and 70 000 volunteers are needed. Many contract workers also find work in this period.

It is sad to say, but many Britons are not happy to host theĀ 2012 Olympics. Several factors contribute to this disease, including costs to taxpayers, offset by funds from local sports for the Summer Games, created the logo and even questionable (XXX Olympiad). England are not even sure they will enter a team in the football category.

London has paid a heavy price for having hosted the games, but is still half of what China used the Beijing Games. Citizens complain, and officials have pledged to keep its efforts under the budget needed. It seems that England may need to remember that these games have a talent show in the world, not to highlight the country in which they are played.