Maple story

Maple Story is a role playing multiplayer computer graphics with a two – dimensional, the same games on the Internet. The game was developed by Southern Company – Korean Wizet, and then bought by American company Nexon. The game was developed local versions in several languages. Participation in the game does not cost money, but can be purchased with real money-related objects or objects at the image make it easy to defeat enemies or increase the compensation received after defeating an enemy. The game has more than 92 million registered players in Grsaotio, the global version has more than five million players. The objective is to protect the “maple world” because different monsters while developing the capabilities and skills of the virtual image of the player to stop the black magician alleged bad game. The player can make money playing for mesos, achieve things, to talk with other players and trade items. Can create a group of players (up to 6 players) fighting together against monsters, group members share the experience points and money they get. The game has given tasks and implement them in order to achieve experience points, money and objects.

(Online games)

 Also, there are special tasks that are designed for groups only, which, members are required to cooperate in order to finish the task steps successfully. These tasks are called Party Quest (PQ). Game no real end goal, but the greatest glory is to reach level 200 (highest) with each type of job, finish the task, obtain all the objects and accumulate the money game.


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One Response to “Maple story”

  1. GrahamDent Says:

    this is really cool, I love maplestory so much. I got up to a pretty high level but i had to quit for school, it was messing with my sleep time haha

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