Cricket is a team sport game takes place between two groups of eleven players. It is a game with bat and ball, which played in the circular or oval with a rectangular platform in the middle is called Fitch, it is the main game. Both ends Fitch are wooden sticks – three vertical wooden posts topped with two pieces of wood and horizontality – formed along the gate, or Wikt .  To spread ‘are three players: two pound group swing, and hands from the field. The pitcher throws the ball in one direction Huoikt Mwikt other. The second is Huoikt slaps Huoikt trying to defend his bat. The second batter, who stands at the other end of the spread (at Huoikt of pitcher), is not active during the game. Batter tries to hit a ball and shot changed places with the second batter in the second Bwikt. Spare one credits the team batting one spot (Run). Batting can change places twice or more points will receive the number of replacement. If they can, batting between Huoiktim can run without hitting the ball (see additions). After hitting the ball, the field team’s goal is to overthrow the Huoikt. If disqualified batter (see exclusion), another player will replace him from batting. Tour continues until a group of batting can not provide two thumping the pitch (ie, disapproved 10 pound). At this time round was over, the two groups exchange roles.

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