Solitaire is the name of the family includes an individual card games, as the name suggests. Version of the game is accompanied by different versions of Windows operating systems, making the game popular, especially among office workers in places where you can not or should not install external games

Different solitaire games based on the package of cards (no Joker) when the card arrangement is chronological by the small number grow. I mean first of all to have a king, queen and prince and then 10-2 and finally assists. When all the cards arranged in a row (preferably, the game will be more organized) has taken a series of one ace and place it in one of the squares. Then raise the card number 2 from the same series and put the SS so it over again until there remain more cards and all the kings in the upper parts.

Besides arranging the cards have a package called cash cards. Once there is a need in removable cards and register three cards at once (or one card – depending on what was defined early in the game) and they will continue the game. Should be mentioned that if there is an ace card under the two can not pull him up to two cards above or were drawn down.


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