Black Jack (Blackjack; Also known as -21 in) is a game of cards. This game is primarily used for gambling casinos and common throughout the world.
The objective is to reach as many close to 21 points (including 21) without passing the 21. Each card has its own score based on a value card. Royalty Q, J and K are worth 10 points each. A one point or 11 points by selecting the player.
The dealer distributes two cards to each player. Each player in turn may request an additional card. Dealer divides his card after finishing the first round for the players and then returns a second round of cards, after all the players had finished taking cards or the dealer starts to download and burned himself more cards, the dealer laws are that he must take Soft 17 (six assists) in 16 but had to stop from 17 or more . The player stops to ask for another card when he believes that the possession number closer to 21 other players. After the last player finished his turn, reveal the cards in his possession and number of points closest to 21 (including 21) wins.

Blackjack A card is actually some parchment equal 10 points (or 10 year reign). If the player wins, he gets one and a half times the bet bet on it. (For example: If you bet on the $ 5 he will get $ 7.5)

A state of stalemate, the player receives his bet back.

Recipient player over 21 points (by the application of additional card) out of the game ( ‘burnt’).

United States and Eastern Europe dealer distributes to each player 2 cards and himself one card open one card which becomes closed only after all players have completed their hands. This method makes it very difficult to count cards.

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