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List of free web directories…

December 20, 2009

I decided to collect the amount of links to web directories.
Great for owners or promoters sites.
Hope I helped you.

The list:


Meta tag generator

December 19, 2009

Today I want to introduce a tool that any developer or promoter sites must meet.
Meta tag generator.
What does it mean?
In the site which has fields to fill, click the button below tags created automatically.
The tags need to plant between <head> tags.
An excellent tool for SEO.
Hope we helped.


How to advertise your site?

December 17, 2009

Construction site? Investment programming and design? Now we have to bring visitors.
There are several advertising options site.
1. Submit site to Web  directory. Site example:
2. Submit site to Social Poster sites, for example site:
3. Advertise your site in forums relevant to the subject site, for example a site that deals with SEO SEO forum.
4. Banner exchanges available. Google search the phrase Banner Exhange.
5. Exchanged links with other sites, it is better that the sites will have a similar theme.
6. Add links to your signatures or responses to  blogs.

IMPORTANT – Do not be spammers.

Good luck!


Image hosting sites

December 10, 2009

Image hosting sites became very popular recently.
Most sites offer pictures for free service.
These sites are designed to share your photos with friends or surf the web without contact information to send the image to each other.
Most sites you can upload files of 2-5 MB.
Two image hosting sites recommended:



December 10, 2009

Welcome to Upyf’s blog.

I Tal manager of the sites:

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This blog will have all the hot updates on one of the sites.